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5 Awesome Crowdfunding Pitch Videos to Inspire Your Campaign


Crowdfunding campaigns with great visuals and compelling pitch videos are more likely to achieve their goals. Creating the ultimate video will help you to sky rocket your campaign as the video content is not just a great way to present your product/service/idea, but also is an easily shareable content.

Crafting the perfect crowdfunding campaign video is not a piece of cake, but with the right tools and approaches you are able to hit the nail on the head without this to cost you an arm and a leg.

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Obsbot Tail: AI-enabled 4K Camera For YouTubers


Taking videos with your smart phone is now easier than ever. Whether you shoot vlogs or what is going on around you, all you have to do is press the record button and extend your arm to the target point. But when you want to shoot yourself from a farther point or in action, the arms are desperate. At this point, the Obsbot Tail Auto-Director AI Camera 4K camera enters the scene.

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15 Social Media Tips For The Best Crowd Engagement


If you are going to launch a crowdfunding campaign, you need crowd. In order to have crowd, to interact with them, in other words engagement is a must. And social media is the best way for it. There are some things you need to be aware of when interacting with people on social media. Let’s look at them together.

  1. Focus on the right channels: Instead of attacking each platform, concentrate on the social media platforms that are widely used by your main target audience. If you have a large audience on these channels, you will have a better impact by increasing the chances of engaging more people.
  2. Make your posts easy to understand: Be consistent and goal-oriented in your shares. Focus on sharing engaging and informative content with sales-dedicated posts.
  3. Choose the right #hashtag: The power of hashtags is undeniable. Choose easy and relevant hashtags as part of your social media presence.
  4. Set your strategy: Managing a successful social media campaign is not very easy. Select a specific approach and a detailed roadmap to get the best results.
  5. Work with professionals: Having a social media expert on your team will give you a great advantage. Especially if you are not experienced to interact with an audience on such a scale.
  6. Don’t forget to link: It may seem difficult to do this on every post. But that’s what social media experts exist for.
  7. Don’t disappear: Followers are waiting for your news. Don’t forget that they are very easily distracted on social media platforms.
  8. Don’t spam: Do not harass them like spam mails by sharing tons of things.
  9. Listen to your audience: Don’t use social media just to deliver your your message and make sales. Ask your audience questions to learn their views and suggestions. In short, interact with them.
  10. Use social media tools: There are plenty of platforms to help you plan posts and track your campaign more easily. (Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, etc.) You can use one of these tools to save time.
  11. Build a community, not followers: Your goal is not to collect followers. It’s important to find supporters for your campaign. Try to balance the quantity-quality ratio.
  12. Use call to action: Ask your supporters to share your campaign. Use call-to-action expressions such as “share”, “like”, “comment” to put them in action. But it is important to maintain the correct tone here. Otherwise, it may backfire.
  13. Personalize: Share your own story with your audience. This allows you to connect with the audience and your team in a more emotional and personal way, not just with your product.
  14. Use data: Use data analytics to determine which types of posts get the most attention. Most social media platforms offer this service in-house, so your job is easy.
  15. Don’t disappear after the campaign is over: When you reach your target, there will be a lot to focus on. Like starting production and sending products to backers. But don’t forget to spend time with your followers after the campaign. Inform them about the progress you made and the challenges you face.
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Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium Has Launched Its Crowdfunding Campaign


The gaming industry is blooming. Yet another fantastic addition to it has become a reality – Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium is entering the crowdfunding scene on Arikovani. 

The story of the fantasy-fiction story-based FPS video game is taking place back in the Ottoman times. Along with its historical theme, the game includes also fantastic elements presented in the faces of vampires, dinosaurs, gigantic spiders, and even time travel.

The game starts with Chapter One at the Sultan’s Palace. As the players move through the chapters they encounter different characters and scenarios. The game consists of 13 levels + 2 bonus levels and each of these levels offers different fantasy adventures.

Take a look at the gaming video below:

Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium is the first part of a trilogy. For now, action-rich hybrid game is developed only on PC with Windows. The founders are planning to release the game on the bigger gaming markets after the completion of the crowdfunding campaign. The developers are focusing their efforts on making VR, iOS, and Android support and DX11 enhancement of the game.

The other stages of the project, which the founders continue to develop as an indie team, will be available in the forthcoming years as books, series, movies, and animation.

With the crowdfunding campaign on Arikovani, the founders aim to raise 140.000 TRY in order to bring their project to life. The pre-order price for the game is 50 TRY.

To learn more about the game, the founders, and the project itself, visit Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium’s crowdfunding page here.

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